“Fortune Rookie” creator Janet Varney stars as character Janet Varney who, on the advice of a fortune teller in a bathroom, leaves showbiz behind to become a psychic. Exploring her not-so-impressive “gifts," Janet reads palms, tarot cards and the occasional piece of cheese to help those seeking answers... herself most of all. 

Janet chin on hands.jpg

With an amazing guest cast that includes:

  • Scott Adsit (“30 Rock”)
  • Steve Agee (“Guardians of the Galaxy 2”)
  • Fred Armisen (“Portlandia”)
  • Deborah Baker, Jr. (“Stan Against Evil”)
  • Mark Gagliardi (“The Thrilling Adventure Hour”)
  • John Michael Higgins (“Pitch Perfect”)
  • Brian Huskey (“The X Files”)
  • Jenny Jaffe (“Big Hero 6”)
  • Jessica Makinson (“South Park”)
  • Kara Morgan (“The Kara Morgan Show”)
  • Laraine Newman (“Saturday Night Live”)
  • Oscar Nunez (“The Office”)
  • Timothy Omundson (“Psych”)
  • James Roday (“Psych”)
  • Gary Anthony Williams (“Boondocks”)
  • and more!